Geoproject Solutions

Geoproject Solutions provides assistance, advice and solutions to clients with spatial data systems.

We draw on extensive experience in surveying, mapping, geographic information systems, dimensional control and project leadership to deliver:

The principal of Geoproject Solutions, Geoffrey Higham, also offers special assistance using spatial data to explore the history of Western Australia. A significant database has been developed, allowing research and publications into closed places, renamed places, periods of settlement and development. Historical gazetteers and other reports from this database have been published and will be found in many WA libraries.

NEW Update/replacement main table for book 'Where WAS that?' to 07 July 2016

Rail map of the Pilbara July 2015.

Rail map of the Pilbara December 1972.

NEW List of all WA schools - July 2016 (PDF).

NEW Ordered list of WA rail sidings & stations - 8 July 2016 (PDF).

NEW Historical gazetteer arranged by Local Government Area.


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