Commercial information - conditions of sale

Standard subscription datasets include features of use for many functions. To ensure affordability, they are sold in a standard format and through a standard subscription arrangement, however other formats or arrangemetns can be created to your requirements.

Method of sale

Clients are provided with a username and a password. Clients can then download the data at their convenience, as often as required, from our web site. The password is normally valid for 12 months, during which period you can check for updates as often as required. Clients have a facility to change their password as desired.

You may optionally nominate to receive notification by e-mail whenever datasets are updated.

Clients may be able to provide feedback regarding the data, and if this gives additional information, then clients can gain the benefits by downloading a revised data copy as often as required.

Terms and conditions

Data is sold on the following conditions:

  1. In these conditions, ``Geoproject Solutions Pty Ltd'' and ``Geoproject Solutions'' mean Geoproject Solutions Pty Ltd of Winthrop, Western Australia ``Supplier'' means Geoproject Solutions or any other party providing the data sold by Geoproject Solutions. ``Purchaser'' means the person, company or other entity who has completed the ``Geoproject Solutions data request form''. ``Data'' means digital data purchased from Geoproject Solutions.
  2. The purchaser has completed and signed Geoproject Solutions' ``Data request form'' after reading and accepting the conditions thereon.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed, the data is purchased for the purchaser's own use and will not be sold or otherwise transferred to a third party.
  4. Copyright in the data remains with Geoproject Solutions or the data provider.
  5. The supplier does not limit the time during which the purchaser may use the data, however most data is dynamic and will become progressively less current. The purchaser is responsible for his own judgement as to the length of time during which he continues to use the data.
  6. Purchasers do not need to state their purpose when purchasing the data, and neither High-Data Services, Geoproject Solutions nor any other supplier of data warrants the fitness of the data for the purchaser's purpose.
  7. High-Data Services and the suppliers of the data take care to provide accurate and complete data, however, neither High-Data Services nor Geoproject Solutions nor any other supplier accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in the data.
  8. High-Data Services will be grateful to receive advice of any errors and/or omissions that the purchaser believes may exist in purchased data.
  9. The purchaser will read any README file, metadata, or other information supplied with the data before using the data. The purchaser will promptly advise Geoproject Solutions of any missing information. Geoproject Solutions are is not responsible for any consequences of the purchaser failing to read such information.

Download the ``Data request form'' here to order data.


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